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Research Area: Cloud Computing
Status: In progress  
Project leaders: Collaborators:
Proposed start date: 2023-01-01 Proposed end date: 2026-12-31
Funded by: European Union    
Project page:

Ref. HE- 101086248

CLOUDSTARS presents a joint research programme in the fields of Cloud computing and AI technologies. CloudStars pursues innovation in the Cloud infrastructures to support the next generation of low-latency, high-performance complex workloads. CloudStars also pursues high innovation in the Cloud, making the best application of artificial intelligence techniques and AI models with automatic adaptation to the computing resources.

The main objectives of CLOUDSTARS are:

  • Development and benchmarking of open-source technologies to advance the next generation cloud infrastructure, where it will play a vital role the development of new container technologies, as well as elastic and low-latency storage for ephemeral data, efficient resource management of hardware accelerators (GPUs, FPGAs and smartNICs) and networking.

  • Design and benchmarking of novel cloud and edge serverless middleware to leverage the advances in the cloud infrastructure, which pivots upon all sorts of containerized technologies such as Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) platforms, serverless containers, and event-based orchestration to open the serverless execution model to HPC and analytics workloads. The project will also explore how the platform should protect and govern data throughout its lifecycle.

  • Application of novel machine learning techniques (e.g., statistical and deep learning) for managing containerized cloud systems, involving the infrastructure and configuration of executions and services, and the optimization of data analytics platforms over serverless middleware and container infrastructures. The project will also explore the interplay between Edge and Cloud for enabling a diverse range of AI-enabled applications.

We note that CLOUDSTARS will also conduct standardization activities in industrial open-source projects such as those encompassed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), namely, Kubernetes, Istio, or Knative, to mention a few, and contribute to thriving open-source communities such as Apache Spark and Dask, or Lithops. The project will make public all the contributions to the different open-source projects and contribute to the European digital sovereignty and European standards such as Gaia-X.

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