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Cloud and Distributed Systems Lab

The Cloud and Distributed Systems Lab (CLOUDLAB) merges a multidisciplinar team which tackles key research lines of distributed systems. We have experience in scalable systems (cloud computing, serverless architectures, distributed storage, peer-to-peer) and web-based infrastructures. In this field the group is very active and has participated in european and national research projects.


Mission and Objectives

The Cloud and Distributed Systems Lab (CLOUDLAB) concentrates on the modeling, the design, the implementation, and the analysis of parallel and distributed systems and algorithms (P2P, Cloud, MANETs, etc.). Our research includes building prototypes of systems to demonstrate the quality of the proposed solutions.


Universitat Rovira i Virgili

The URV (Tarragona, Spain) was created in 1991 by the Parliament of Catalonia from the already existing university faculties and schools. From the very first day its aim has been to place knowledge at the service of society so as to contribute to the social and economic development of its environment, which has gradually transformed over time.

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CloudStars is an Open Source Research Mobility network in the field of Cloud Computing technology.



The main goal is to design an Extreme near-data platform to enable consumption, mining and processing of ...



CLOUDSKIN aims to design a cognitive cloud continuum platform to fully exploit the available Cloud-edge...

CLOUDLAB at home

CLOUDLAB research group stays connected!

Release of the Lithops framework

CLOUDLAB and IBM Research Haifa released one of the main software outcomes of the CloudButton project: the Lithops framework. Lithops aims to massively scale the execution of Python code and its dependencies on serverless computing platforms and to monitor the results. Lithops delivers the user’s code into the serverless platform without requiring knowledge of how functions are invoked and run. The framework provides an extensible backend architecture (compute, storage) that is designed to work with different Cloud providers and on-premise backends (Knative, OpenWhisk). You can edit programs using Lithops in a laptop and then run the unmodified code at scale in the cloud using any cloud provider (IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Aliyun).

AST has obtained a new national research project!

We are happy to announce that the Architecture and Telematric Services Research group has obtained a new research project from the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. The project is entitled "Servicios Cloud y Redes Comunitarias" (Cloud Services and Community Networks) with identifier TIN2013-47245-C2-2-R.

PyWren over IBM Cloud Functions

Gil Vernik (IBM Research Haifa) and our PhD student Josep Sampé adapted PyWren both to run over IBM Cloud Functions and use IBM Cloud Object Storage. This allows to process large data sets at massive scale with PyWren over IBM Cloud Functions. Check out their blog post in IBM Cloud Blog.

StackSync awards

We are very proud to announce that StackSync has received a couple of awards from the local institutions.

First, we were awarded with the third prize at the X Premis ReusEmpresa, with the goal of rewarding the top three business ideas from entrepreneurs in the province of Tarragona and encourage them to create a company in 2013. For more information about these awards, please, click here.

We also received a recognition prize at the first edition of the Premis Emprèn offered by the Diputació de Tarragona in the category Emprèn i Sorpren, focused with innovative business projects, which offer a ideas from different points of view that the existing, being creative, resourceful and pioneer in the region. For more information about these awards, please, click here.

And more recently, we were notified that we were awarded with the R2B - Valorització del coneixement 2013. These awards are focused on helping research groups from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili to achieve concrete and specific actions that would boost commercialization and knowledge and technology transference. For more information about these awards, please, click here.

StackSync at OpenStack Summit

We had a great opportunity to assit to the OpenStack Summit 2014 for presenting StackSync to the community. Here you can watch the presentation :)


Stacksync Beta

We are happy to announce that Stacksync has finally has reached its Beta phase!

We have created a website for users willing to try StackSync for free. At this moment, we have desktop clients for Windows 7 and Linux, as well as a mobile client for Android. We are working hard to release clients for the rest of operating systems.

We would be very proud if you decided to give it a try and let us know your experience.

AST receives the "Consolidated Group" mention

The Architecture and Telematic Services research group has been awarded as Consolidated Research Group from Generalitat de Catalunya.

Personal Cloud Measurement Dataset

We are happy to announce that we provide a freely available dataset to the research community. The dataset consists of an active measurement of three major Personal Clouds (Box, DropBox and SugarSync) during more than two months. All the measurement details as well as the files can be found at: You may also find interesting the analysis entitled "Actively Measuring Personal Cloud Storage" published at IEEE Cloud'13. Enjoy!! :)

AST group in a European Research network

The AST group participates in a European research network that recently received funding from the European commission. It is I2CT COST Action IC 1404 entitled "Multi-paradigm Modelling for Cyber-Physical Systems".

FP7 CloudSpaces project in the media

The FP7 CloudSpaces project has recently received the attention of regional newspapers and TV stations. The last week Pedro García granted a couple of interviews that we will publish here as soon as possible.

TV3 (in catalan):


Other written media:

El Punt Avui (in catalan)



The AST Research Group organizes the IEEE P2P'12 ( that will be held from September 3 to September 5, 2012 in Tarragona, Spain. The IEEE P2P provides researchers and practitioners with an excellent opportunity to share their research and experience regarding peer-to-peer and large-scale systems.

Keynote Speech at IEEE P2P'13

Pedro García-López presented a keynote speech at IEEE P2P'13! You can find the content of the speech at

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