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Personal Cloud Measurement

We have created a script named It takes two arguments:

  • Provider: -p or --provider and [dropbox|box|sugarsync]
  • Test: -t or --type and [load_and_transfer|service_variability]

Depending on the test type, the script executes one of the following files:

  • load_and_transfer: File
  • service_variability: File

Load and Transfer Test

The aims of this test are:

  • Check if there is a relation between the bandwidth and the account free space.
  • Check if the provider limits the bandwidth when the account reaches an amount of GB transfered.


First of all, the script creates 4 different files of different sizes (25, 50, 100 and 150 MB). Once done, it starts to upload random files until the account is full and an error is returned from the provider. When this appends the script starts to download a random file from the account and removes it when the download has finished.

This test will be running for 5 days approximately.

Service Variability


The script creates 4 files as the previous test. When the files are ready it uploads a file named reserved.dat (which will remain in the accound until the test ends) with a size of 50MB. As soon as the file is completely uploaded, the script creates two threads, one for download and one for upload.

  • The upload thread constantly uploads files sized [25, 50, 100, 150] MB until the account is full. Once it is full, the thread removes all files except "reserved.dat". Then, it starts its cycle again.
  • The download thread continuously lists all files in the account and downloads one randomly chosen. There will be always at least one file ("reserved.dat").